Making the world work together.

Profesional Collaborations

Those who work together make an impact. Collaborating is as old as mankind itself and over time we have developed many ways to work together. The digital age brings new forms of connecting.
At 4WeCooperate we facilitate all kinds of collaborations and have expertise on business, architecture and societal matters surrounding your collaboration.



Trusted Digital Communities

As part of our mission to make the world work together we have developed (and continue to develop) solutions for Trusted Digital Communities. These communities are supported throughout their journey with collaboration environments, data sharing opportunities and legal support. Communities use this to establish themselves, develop their community and make a societal impact.

We do professional collaborations

Collaboration & Service Development

In order to complete common tasks and achieve common goals we have to work together. Though there are many ways to work together not all forms are suitable for each situation. Most collaborations slowly grow over time and slowly start to develop knowledge and services together.

Service development and service thinking puts your audience back in the centre and a fit/gap analysis can establish how well the business is supported. Services can help organisations get a closer relationship with its audience because the barrier to entry is much lower with digital services than with physical products.

New innovations like the development of data markets, personalized IT solutions and community empowerement enable organisations to develop and deploy services cost efficiently and opens new markets for existing organisations.

At 4WeCooperate we have experience in these kinds of techniques combined with entrepreneurial spirit that keeps us practical.

Enterprise Architecture

When communities grow, so does the need for a coherent architecture. Architecture helps in the decision making process by visualising various parts of the organisation, defining principles that moves the organisation in a certain direction and translates these directions to implementation programs.

In digital collaborations we do not only have to think about how we as humans work together, but also how our data and services are going to work together. Interoperability is key when we want systems to talk to each other (let alone collaborate)!

Data interoperability helps communities not only to work together based on human interaction but also based on data interaction. Just like digital platforms suggest you the next thing to buy, a digital collaboration platform can suggest your next collaboration.

Collaboration Informatics

There are many ways to collaborate, whether it is a cooperative of organizations or a public-private partnership. A small collection of citizens may work together (for example in Citizen Science) or a large number of organizations may work together in a consortium to achieve a common goal.

These goals and agreements are important. Not only when things go sour, but also when collaborations have to be formalized. Most communities start out in loose associations and as relationships, and collaborations grow things steadily grow more formal. At 4WeCooperate we facilitate this process from the first intentions to agreement systems towards formal organizations.

When we look at collaboration in the digital world we see new forms of agreements coming up. Smarts contracts made the hits using contracts that could be programmed, agreement systems are used by (open source) groups to establish principles and rules for development and common values that groups hold.



We build Trusted Digital Communities

Trusted Communities

Every collaboration requires trust in order to grow. When people (or systems) don’t trust each other a collaboration can not flourish. In our digital communities we facilitate trust by supporting agreement systems and validation environments. New collaborations can grow using validated services from all over the world. Formalizing and making agreements when the time is right to take the next step.

Community Development

Using community development we help citizen science go to the next level.

Every community starts in a so called D’Agora phase. In the D’Agora phase the founders lay the foundation of the community, it’s goals and values are established and the community is set to grow.

In the next phase digital services can be build, information can be collected and members can be invited. Research can be conducted by members in a way which is centred around the individual which makes conformation to the GDPR a lot easier.

After the setup is done and the digital services are used and connected communities can share their data and findings with different communities. This is only possible if the data architecture and agreements are set up just right: something we and our infrastructure help you with!


Societal Impact

Organisations are making an impact on society (both possitive and negative) every day. At 4WeCooperate we help communities by making a positive impact on society using validated resources. Communities can help each other without formally collaborating by sharing data and knowledge about certain subjects if their services and infrastructure are set up propperly. This allows organisations to make a much bigger impact without spending more resources.

A special form of collaboration that we see comming up is citizen science, where citizens start their own research independently from the mainstream academic environment. Using validated equipment a lot is possible. Questions that never received the attention it deserved and communities that stayed under the radar should deffinitely consider this approach.


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