Empower Quality of Life

In this new digital day and age, being in control of your own information is one of the most powerful tools an individual can have to gain more self-control and self-determination. We have yet to see others that truly seek to put the individual first.

We believe it is time to move from privacy by default to ownership by default. This is the only way to make the individual the centerpiece of importance.

Equality for all

Equality is a core value of the 4LifeSupport cooperative, and thus we fully support the Dublin Decleration and have integrated it as our Gender Equality Plan.

Fundamental Right of Privacy

Every individual has a fundamental right of privacy. However these rights have been taken away from the individual in the past few decades. The only way to give the individual back their rights is to move personal information back to the owner of the information: the individual. Our system focuses on ownership by design. It doesn’t matter if you are a patient, a developer or a doctor. You have a right to own your own personal information. You should be able to sell, trade or donate your personal information freely because it is yours.

Everything You Need


Services are validated using 4LifeSupport. This is an integrated system for the collection of evidence that a service is valid.

Community Investments

The development of new services can be funded through Community investments. Individuals can participate in the funding of new services using their 4LifeBox.


Services interact with the 4LifeBox and are able to provide information to the 4LifeBox.


A box to store all personal information called the 4LifeBox. Every 4LifeBox is linked to an individual. For more information visit the 4LifeBox.eu website.


By ensuring these ideas reach their fullest potential, great things will happen: personalized medicine can finally kick-off; Artificial Intelligence can be used to benefit individuals without harming privacy; and IoT can be used to make all kinds of information available directly, without interference by other individuals. Users who don’t mind giving away their information to outside agencies can sell their information and when an individual dies their information can be inherited by their loved ones. Recruitment for clinical trials can be done much cheaper and studies can take the context around an individual into account when assessing effectiveness.